How Smart People Decide on a Dentist how smart people decide on a dentist

Search for dentists based on the exact dental treatment which you need. Just check what treatment you’re looking for and we’ll match you to a list on dentists and also show you photo galleries of their work. See what each dentist has to offer before making your decision: (now available in Orange County, CA):

Teeth Whitening
Dental Implants
Veneers & Cosmetics
Clear Braces (Removable)
Pediatrics (Children’s Dentistry)
Metal Braces (Traditional)
Crowns & Bridges
Root Canal Therapy
Fillings & Prevention
Gum Therapy (Periodontal)
Dentures (False Teeth)
Full Mouth Rehab.
Teeth Cleaning
TMJ & Facial Pain
Teeth Extractions & Wisdoms
Sleep Apnea & Disorders
Oral Cancer & Lesions
Advanced Oral Surgeries

How Does it Work?

How Does dentaldecider Search Engine Work

We contact dentists to help them setup photo galleries of their work. You search for a dental treatment and get matched to dentists who offer that treatment. You can view photo galleries of the dentist’s work to decide who’s a better fit for you. Additionally, you can read all about each dentist’s training, philosophy, technology, etc. to help you select the right dentist that is right for your specific needs.


Patient A might be looking to receive dental implants to replace missing teeth while patient B wants clear removable braces to straighten his or her teeth. Not every dentist is as equally skilled in offering each service. Our search engine lets you browse through photo galleries for each treatment. This way you can read up on how each dentist or dental specialist goes about offering the respective treatment. Obviously a dentist that has posted photos of hundreds or thousand of successful dental implant cases is better suited for patient A. Similarly, a dentist that has straightened hundreds or thousands of smiles with clear removable braces and has photos to prove it is most likely better suited for patient B. That’s the power of dentaldecider!


Please note that we are currently in beta mode and working on building the Orange County, California network of dentists. We will be slowly expanding nationwide within the next few years. Thanks for your patience!

Are you a dentist interested in sharing your work on dentaldecider?

There simply is no better platform for dentists to share photos of their work. We tag, frame, copyright and categorize your work and make them searchable for a better viewing experience. And there is no cost to you for any of this! Simply email us at with your full name, city and state and the best number to get a hold of you. One of our representatives will contact you within 1 to 5 business days to help you get started. We are accepting applications nationwide. If you would like to learn more about how to go about creating your very own dentaldecider profile creating your very own photo gallery then click on the following icons to learn more:

General Dentists: Create or Claim Your dentaldecider Profile


Specialists: Create or Claim Your dentaldecider Profile


Dentistry Forums

Have a dental questions and want to see what others have to say about it? Post your question to one of our dentistry forums to see what the community has to say. We have forums for discussing dental implants, cosmetic treatments, braces and other dental related categories. There’s also a forum for dentists to discuss things with one another as well as one for dental and pre-dental students to support one another.

Toothy Lane Comics

Our comic strip is known as toothy lane.  We use toothy lane to educate you about real dental and oral related issues with a side of humor. Enjoy following our comic toons including Mikey, Izzy, Marco, Becka, Cameron and Igor while the explore Toothy Lane and beyond.

Ask a Dentist

Have a dental question and want an answer from an actual dentist? Then use our ask a dentist feature to send us your question from a real dentist. Unlike your own dentist, we’re not in a rush to finish your work and get to the next patient in the waiting room! Keep in mind that all responses from are for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical or dental advice from your own dentist. Click here to go to our ask a dentist page and ask one of our dentists your question.

For Dentists ONLY

Are you a dentist or dental specialist interested in creating your own photo gallery? Making a photo gallery is an excellent way to communicate your work with patients who are searching for that exact treatment. Contact our customer service at for an application. Include your full name, practice city and state and a contact number. An agent will contact you within 1 to 5 business days to help guide you through the sign-up process.

  • If you would like to learn more about how a dentaldecider account works, click here for more information.
  • To see what a sample doctor’s profile look like click here.
  • To view a sample photo gallery click here.

Searchable Database of Educational Material

Of course you can also search our database of articles by categories, keywords or just browse through some of our most popular comparisons:




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