We primarily designed dentaldecider.com to allow dentists to share photos of their work as well as their knowledge with their existing and prospective patients. By letting dentists and dental specialists create their own profiles we give them the chance to share as much as possible regarding various treatments which they offer.

Why should you care? Well, if you’ve ever had a root canal for instance, wouldn’t you want your dentist to tell how he or she performs the root canal, what training they have in performing root canals, what equipments they use, what they recommend you to do before and after treatment, etc. Most importantly, wouldn’t you want to see how many root canals your dentist has performed and how skilled they are at performing this treatment or any other one?

Unfortunately, most dentists are so busy that they don’t really have enough time to discuss all these things with you. The solution? Create a website where dentists can communicate everything they’d like to share with their patients. This way if you’re scheduled for a root canal with your dentist, you can research all pertinent information regarding your dentist and root canal treatments prior to your appointment.

Having this knowledge lets you properly prepare yourself for whatever treatment that you’re about to receive. Conversely, you might find our that your existing dentist is not that suitable to offer this exact treatment. You might find out that you are better off seeking treatment elsewhere. At the end of the day, dentaldecider puts everything up front so you can do your own research and make the right decision regarding your oral health.

In addition to dentist profiles, dentaldecider also offers dental forums, ask a dentist option, articles and other useful dental related material. We strive to provide you with an unbiased expert’s opinion regarding any dental or oral health option or dilemma which you may face. We hope that you find this to be a useful site for all your dental concerns.

Please keep in mind that all opinions expressed within dentaldecider are for informational purposes only and represent the sole opinion of its author. These opinions may not be backed by research or scientific evidence and are merely the opinion of respective authors. None of the information provided within this website is to provide you with any legally binding medical or dental advice. We can’t determine which treatment or product works better for you or your family. Only a licensed dentist can advise you on what decision is best for your oral and dental health. Please consult a licensed dentist to get the right answers to your questions.

Meet the Team:

Dr. John Jay is in charge of providing and editing our content. Oh yeah, he’s also the mastermind behind our Toothy Lane comic strip. We know he’s no Seinfeld, but lets give him credit for trying nevertheless! John lives in Irvine, California with his wife and has a hamster named Pikachu. You can reach him at drjohn@dentaldecider.com should you have any questions for him.

Christine is the head of our web development team. She’s done a great job so far so we think that bowl of Pho is well deserved. Eat up Christine so you can have energy to keep up the good work! You can reach Christine at customerservice@dentaldecider.com.

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