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Dental related questions? We have your answers! loves to help you out in any shape or form it can. Our Ask a Dentist program offers free consultation for entertainment purposes only. Simply fill out the form below and one of our dentists will promptly send you a response within the same day. Make sure to read our disclaimer before submitting your question:

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Disclaimer regarding Ask a Dentist program: Please be advised that whatever information we provide to you is only for entertainment purposes only. It should not be considered legally binding medical or dental advice. All information provided herein only express the opinion of our experts in the field and are only considered for entertainment purposes. Only a qualified dental or medical professional can provide you legally binding medical advice. Additionally, please do not send any specific information such as date of birth, address, etc. as this is considered a violation of HIPAA. Question with specific information as listed above will not be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to inquire more information on a topic, we will be glad to be of help to you. Here is a list of most common questions submitted to our Ask a Dentist program:

  • Treatment plan questions: What should I do, is there a better treatment. Questions such as should I get implant? Should I remove my teeth and wear dentures? Should I get a filling or crown, etc.
  • Dental product related questions: Which type of product is better for me? Which type of dental implant is preferred? Which type of whitening product do you recommend?
  • Insurance and payment related questions:  Which insurance should I select to best suit my needs? How should I budget my treatment? Which work should I start with first?
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