Best Teeth Whitening Solution: Bleaching Trays or Whitening Strips

1. Can be done at your own leisure and convenience. If you like working at your own pace and you’re not in a rush the whiten your teeth then you will enjoy using whitening trays or strips. You can use them whenever and wherever you like.

2. Less risk of causing teeth sensitivity or gum damage. Because the whitening gel used for trays and whitening strips is not a strong as the one used by your dentist there are less risks and complications associated with using them. As a result you are much less likely to develop tooth sensitivity or damage your gums in the process. In-office whitenings can cause substantial tooth sensitivity that lasts for a while. And you may not even realize how sensitive your teeth have become until treatment is over. It can also cause painful burns on your gums if any of the gel accidentally leaks onto your gum tissues.

3. Far less expensive whitening method. A good in-office whitening procedure will cost you a few hundred dollars. This is much more than what take home trays or whitening strips cost. If you are working with a budget of under $100 you would probably be better off with a take home option  instead and get better results with them.

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