Best Teeth Whitening Solution: How To Decide

How to Decide?

Answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want your teeth as white as possible? A 10 out of 10?
  2. Do you want whiter teeth quick? Like within a few days?
  3. Do you have real sensitive teeth?
  4. Have you NOT had a dental cleaning in over 6 months?
  5. Do you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth? The ones that require whitening?
  6. Do you have colored stains or white chalky spots on your teeth?
  7. Have you used whitening gels or custom trays in the past but were disappointed with the results?
  8. Are your teeth very crooked?

If you answered “yes” to most of the above questions then it is best to go to a dentist for a whitening. You may not end up getting the results you want if you do it by yourself.

If you ¬†answered “no” to most of the above questions then you’re your a good candidate for do it yourself whitening at home. Plan on spending a few hours for several days to get the results you want.

Final Thought

If you really want to get the whitest teeth possible then you should consider seeing your dentist for a professional whitening. With over-the-counter products you may not be able to realize much of a difference and may be left disappointed. So if you are shooting for the stars then consider seeing your dentist for the best results. If you end up not being happy with the results you can always talk to them about other options.

  • Consider extending the whitening for a bit longer if you’re not too sensitive already. Another 15 to 20 minutes could give you the results you’ve been looking for.
  • See if they have a policy where you can obtain a second whitening procedure a few days later to boost the results if one round doesn’t get the job done
  • Ask to see if they can make you take home trays as well so you can keep continuing the treatment on your own time for improved results

There are many items that you should avoid in order to best maintain the results.

  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Caffeine
  • Tea
  • Wines, especially red wine
  • Most colas and other sodas
  • Food colors

If you want your tooth whitening results to last for a long time you need to avoid these things. So if you are planning on smoking a pack a day or drinking coffee all day long, then maybe you shouldn’t waste your money on an in-office whitening after all.

Helpful tip¬†–¬†Drinking through a straw actually works to help reduce the darkening effect of these food products. You may look a little odd sipping your hot coffee through a straw but this will help minimize tooth exposure to caffeine and helps better maintain your whitening results over time.

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