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General Dentist: Irvine, CA
Photo Gallery: Clear Braces

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This is the sample Clear Removable Braces photo gallery page. If you submit enough photos, we will create a specific photo gallery page for each of the 18 searchable categories. There is no limit to how many photos and X-rays you can submit per category. You can display tens, hundreds or even thousands of photos if you so choose to. Note that the more photos you display, the more you can relay your experience and expertise in that category to existing  and prospective patients. Additionally, the more photos means that you will rank higher on Google as well as dentaldecider’s search engine.

Our sample profile only had 6 photos for Clear Removable Braces category, so we’ve created a very simple page for him. He requested that we create two subcategories, one for spacing and another for crowding treatments. We obliged since after all he is G. V. Black! It’s recommended that you submit as many photos as you can for each category that you want to rank high for. A few hundred pictures is ideal.

If you submit numerous photos and X-rays for one category, you will also have the option of creating additional subcategories for that topic. For instance, if you have tons of clear braces photos then you can create a page dedicated to crowding issues and another one only for spacing treatments. If you have even more photos, you can categorize them based on Class I, II and III divisions, teen vs. adult treatment, cases which take 1 year, 2 year, etc. Another example would be for Dental Implants. You can categorize dental implants based on individual, multiple, full mouth, denture supported, etc.  Or you can create categories for immediate placement or based on the type of implant you place. Just browse your photos and divide them into appropriate categories and send them to us with a brief explanation. We will take care of the rest!

It’s really up to you how you want to create these subcategory pages. We don’t dictate any rules and regulations here so it’s up to you as the doctor to create your own subcategories as you deem appropriate.  Create your subcategories for provide the best viewing experience for patients and allow them to quickly get to the photo gallery which is most pertaining to their specific needs. It is highly recommended that dental specialists or those who perform lots of a certain treatment consider creating subcategories for the category(s) that is most relevant to them. Contact our customer service at to discuss ideas on how to best design your photo gallery pages should you have any concerns.
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