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General Dentist: Irvine, CA
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This is your main photo gallery page. A summary of all of your photo galleries will be displayed here and there will be a link to all your sub-galleries as well. At the beginning when you only have a few pictures, everything will be displayed on your main photo gallery. As you start to build up your photo galleries and have more and more photos,  we create you additional pages for each category.

Our example doctor, Dr. G. V. Black, only performs 4 tasks which are teeth whitening, veneers & cosmetics, dental implants and clear removable braces. He only has a few photos for each category, but he has additional clear removable braces photos which he wants to display. As a result, we’ve created him a clear removable braces photo gallery page(s). There will be a link from BOTH his main profile as well as the main photo gallery to this clear braces photo gallery page. Additionally, when patients search for clear removable braces, they will now land directly on the sub-page for clear removable braces rather than on the main photo gallery page. 

If you submit numerous photos and X-rays, we can create additional subcategories for that topic. For instance, if you have tons of clear braces photos then you can create a page dedicated to crowding issues and another one for spacing treatments. If you have even more photos, you can categorize them based on Class I, II and III divisions, teen vs. adult treatment, cases which take 1 year, 2 year, etc. It’s really up to you how you want to create these subcategory pages. It is highly recommended that if you are a specialist or perform lots of a certain treatment that you consider creating subcategories for these topics. Contact our customer service at to discuss ideas on how to best design your photo gallery pages should you have any concerns.


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1. Teeth Whitening

2. Veneers & Cosmetics 

3. Dental Implants 

4. Clear Braces       (View Full Clear Braces Gallery) 

Teeth Whitening

If you’ve noticed, this is the same information that was entered into the sample dentist’s profile under “teeth whitening”. The same information which you write in your profile will show up on each and every photo gallery. So you don’t have to retype this information and it’s essentially pulled from your main profile page. 

We offer both chair-side and take him teeth whitening options. Our chair-side teeth whitening system is Zoom, which is one of the most effective bleaching systems. Treatments are typically 45 minute to one hour long. Most patients receive one treatment and see 2-3 shades of whitening immediately afterwards. Feel free to bring headphones. If your teeth are sensitive use sensitivity toothpaste in advance. For the take home kit, we take impressions of your upper and lower jaw and make you custom trays. Custom trays will be ready in 2 to 3 days. You are to wear them for 2 hours a day for one week straight. We offer the PolaDay take home kit which is extremely effective.

Veneers & Cosmetics

For veneers I work exclusively with Jason Kim laboratory which is one of the top lab technicians in the country. The veneers are made from Divinci ceramic which is extremely durable. I place my patients in custom bioform temporaries for at least one month to ensure they like the color and shape of the final product. Majority of patients also receive a teeth whitening in advance to help brighten their smile and also allows me to make them whiter Veneers. About 25% of patients also opt to receive crown lengthening to make their Veneers appear longer. Our Periodontist Dr. Edward Sheeran performs these surgeries using laser. This results in a less gummy and more natural looking appearance. I offer a 5 years warranty on all my Veneers.


Dental Implants

I started placing dental implants in 2000. I place approximately 20 to 30 dental implants per month. I have taken more than 1000 Continuing Education units on dental implant training, including the one-year Implant Seminar course taught by Dr. Aron Garg at NYU. In addition I did a one year GPR hospital training at the Long Beach VA hospital with heavy emphasis on placement and restoration of dental implants. Currently I use both Hi-Osseon as well as Zimmer dental implants for the majority of cases. These are two of the most reliable and durable implant systems and have a very low failure rate. I also use Bicon dental implants for cases with advanced bone loss. The Bicon mini-implant system is great for these more challenging cases with advanced bone loss.


Clear Braces

           View Full Clear Braces Gallery

I have successfully performed more than 1,000 Invisalign treatments and I am an Invisalign preferred provider. I perform more than 60% of my total orthodontic treatments via clear removable braces. I exclusively use Invisalign because I find it to be the most predictable system for removable orthodontic treatment. Average treatments typically take 12 to 18 months. More advanced cases may occasionally go beyond 36 months. Certain cases don’t qualify for clear braces which I refer these to my orthodontist, Dr. Ortho Masters. Dr. Masters is a board certified orthodontist and a master at performing orthodontic treatment.


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