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Once you’ve claimed your profile you will receive this verification seal.

This is your dentist profile page. The first thing that viewers will see is your head shot. Head shots are displayed in a 300 x 300 pixel square with a frame around them. Headshot photo is very important because not only are they displayed on your profile page, your photo gallery pages, but it is also amended to each and every photo that you post to your photo gallery. Think of your headshot profile photo as your stamp or your signature on your photos. But don’t stress too much, you can always update your head shot at any time.

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This is the button that links your main profile to your main photo gallery page. As soon as you submit your first set of photos, we will create you a main photo gallery page and place this button on your main profile to link to it.

1. Basic Information 

2. Treatments

3. Training & Affiliations

4. Insurances & Payment Options

There are 4 categories for each profile: (1) Basic Information, (2) Treatments, (3) Training & Affiliations and (4) Insurances & Payment Options. The only category that might’ve been already made for you in advance is the Basic Information category. The other three categories are information which you must conjure up yourself.


The Basic Information is your way of communicating with patients  regarding each individual treatment which you offer. 


This is the place to tell your prospective and existing patients as much as you can about each and every dental treatment which you offer. You know how when your doing a Veneer case or placing a dental implant and you want to tell your patients all about how experienced you are, what technology you use, what special training you have, etc.? Well, the Treatments Offered section is the exact place where you want to share all this information with your existing and prospective patients.

There are 18 total categories which we’ve come up with to best allow you to communicate with patients. Keep in mind that whatever information you place here will show BOTH on your main profile page, as well as the search results when patients are searching for specific treatments. For instance when a veneer uses our search engine to search for “Dental Implants”, they will see the explanation that you have included in your profile on their search results. We will also place your explanation in your individual photo galleries once you’ve created them.

You can write as little or as much as you’d like for each category. We recommend one paragraph which is not too short nor too long for readers. Keep in mind to place the most important information must be placed within the first one to two sentences since only the first one to two sentence will appear on the search results page. Write something catchy and interesting to encourage readers to click on your profile and view your photo gallery page.

If you do not offer a treatment let us know and we will mark it as “does not perform” or delete that category from your profile. But keep in mind that you will NOT show up on the search results page if you do not include at least a one line explanation for each procedure which you perform.

If you refer out a procedure to specialists then let us know the specialist(s) you refer to. For instance if you don’t perform wisdom extraction then write “I do not perform complicated wisdom teeth removal and refer them out. I refer wisdom extractions to oral surgeons Jonathan Lim or Paul White to whom I have been successfully referring many wisdom cases over the past ten years”.  If you include this explanation you will still show up on the search results for that procedure which is better than leaving the explanation blank.



  • Write at least one paragraph per topic
  • Include any specialist names you work with or refer to (full name)
  • Be detailed and mention name of equipments, devices, courses, etc.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical errors
  • Place the most important information in within the first 1 to 2 sentences to grab the reader’s attention


  • Copy other dentist profiles. Plagiarism is very heavily punished and can result in probation or banning of your profile.
  • Exaggerate and compare yourself to others
  • Write misleading information which is not true. We reserve the right to audit any doctor of whose claims we are suspicious.
  • Write too little content
  • Write sloppy or using poor grammar
  • Mention prices. Discussing pricing is NOT allowed anywhere on this site. This is a website to share your work and explain your treatment and philosophy to exsiting and prospective patients. Save the bargaining for another time.


This section if pretty self explanatory. List whatever awards, training, publications and other relevant information here. Keep in mind that your objective is to let prospective patients get to know your strengths and better understand why you are qualified to perform each and every treatment. As such, try to include as much details and information as you possibly can. Keep in mind that you must be honest here as well. We reserve the right to verify information. Posting false information can lead to probation or suspension of your account at the sole discretion of dentaldecider. 


This section is for discussing  what dental insurances you accept. Given that we are a photo sharing site, we don’t encourage discussion of finances too much. After all, we want patients to choose you based on your philosophy and body of work. However, it’s still not a bad idea to give patients a brief explanation of which insurances you partake in. You can be as detailed or generalized as you like here. Feel free to list each and every insurance you accpt. Or simply write “we accept most PPO plans” or “we don’t accept any government plans except for Liberty” . It is really your choice how detailed you want to be here. There is also a section to discuss financing options. This one is important to let patients know what type of financing plans you offer and how each one works. It is recommended that you mention any in-house or third party financing options you have and provide brief examples of how they work.  

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