Brushing vs. Dentist Cleaning: Cleaning Your Teeth Yourself

1. Most dental visits rarely end up with just a simple cleaning. As you may know dentists are required to have some current X-rays on hand before they are able to give you a dental cleaning. And once they take your X-rays it is very likely that they will find something else wrong with your teeth or gums. A new cavity, a leaking old filling, a cracked tooth, gum disease or who knows what else! And with 28 or so teeth in a healthy adult mouth it isn’t too difficult to find a problem or two somewhere!

2.  Simple cleanings are not expensive, but they still costs something. While simple cleanings are typically not that expensive they still will cost you something. You may be discouraged from going in for dental cleanings because you feel they are not helping you out. If your cleanings appear to be rushed or you leave the dentist and still have stained teeth and your gums continue to bleed, then chances are the problem may be with the quality of your cleaning. Unfortunately you are not going to get quality care at every single dental office. If you feel that your cleaning sessions are unsatisfactory then either talk about it to your dentist or hygienist about improving them or consider switching to another dentist, one who will give you the cleaning your mouth deserves and doesn’t compromise the health of your teeth and gums!

3. Those who do a terrific job of cleaning their teeth benefit less from dentist cleanings. Some people are incredible when it comes to taking care of their teeth. They are constantly brushing and flossing, never suffer from bleeding gums, monitor their diet and sugar consumption carefully and live their whole lives cavity free and gum disease free. If this applies to you then you can probably opt to go for less frequent cleanings. We still suggest no less than one cleaning per year as this should be the absolute least we can safely recommend. For most people two cleanings a year makes the most sense. Just don’t postpone your cleanings for too long, you just never know when something will start going wrong.

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Brushing vs. Dentist Cleaning: Dental Cleaning

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