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How Does dentaldecider Work for Dental Specialists?

Advantages of dentaldecider for Specialists

Having a dentaldecider profile is just as useful for dental specialists as it is for general dentists. Just like general dentists, there are three steps involved in creating a profile for dental specialists: (1) submitting a head shot, (2) completing your profile page and (3) submitting photos and X-rays of your treatments. The major difference between a general dentist and dental specialist profile is that dental specialist profiles are customized to allow them to get into more details on their specialty.

Note that this page is dedicated to board certified specialists or general dentists who limit their practice to one specialty category. If you are a general dentist interested in setting up a dentaldecider profile, please visit our general dentist page by clicking here.

Steps Involved in Setting Up Your dentaldecider Profile for Specialists

As we mentioned, there are three steps involved in creating a dentaldecider profile for dental specialists:

Steps to Creating a Specialty dentaldecider Profile

Step 1: Approve Your Head Shot

If we’ve already created a profile for you then there’s a chance you have a head shot on file already. If you’re happy with your existing head shot then skip to the next step. However, if there is no head shot for your profile or if you’d like to update your head shot, then simply send a photo of yourself to with the title “head shot“. Make sure to send a high quality and up-to-date photo or yourself. We will take care of cropping and framing your photo for you. To learn more details about guidelines on submitting a head shot and its significance please click here.

Step 2: Complete Your Custom Profile Page

Once you have a head shot on file, you must now complete your profile. Our customer service department will send you a questionnaire to help you get started. These questions are designed to communicate everything you want to tell patients regarding your training, background, philosophy, techniques, technology, etc. The major difference between specialist profiles and general dentist profiles is that specialists can customize and design their own categories. General dentists have access to a total of 18 different categories but most specialists only need one or two categories to communicate their skills. Here is a list of each dental specialty and the search categories best suit for them:

  • Endodontists: Root Canal Therapy
  • Orthodontists: Clear Removable Braces, Traditional Metal Braces
  • Pediatric Dentists: Pediatrics (Children’s Dentistry)
  • Periodontists: Gum (Periodontal) Therapy, Dental Implants, Cleanings (optional)
  • Prosthodontists: Full Mouth Rehab., any other category
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons: Dental Implants, Teeth &  Wisdom Extractions, Oral Cancer & Lesions, Advanced Oral Surgeries (Cleft Palate, Mandibular Resection, Jaw Correction Surgery, etc.), TMJ & Facial Pain (optional)
  • Orofacial Pain: TMJ & Facial Pain, Sleep Apnea & Disorders
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists: Oral Cancer & Lesions, any other category
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Oral Cancers & Lesions
  • Dental Public Health: Fillings & Prevention, Oral Cancers & Lesions

If you’re an endodontist your photo gallery and profile page will only show up when patients search for Root canal therapy. What we have done in order to counterbalance the limited access that most specialists have to our search engine is provide them with two advantages: (a) dental specialists are allowed to design their own skill categories and customize profiles to their own liking and (b) dental specialists are ranked higher on search engine results page for their speciality category(s) once they create a high quality profile along with corresponding photo galleries.

Our customer service department will work with you to help you design categories which best suit your needs. Back to our endodontist friend, he or she can add categories such as retreat, apectomy, calcified canals, hidden canals, etc. under the Root Canal Therapy category. Once someone lands on their page, they have the option of browsing through all the different treatments the endodontist offers.

Creating sub-categories not only better communicates all of your skills to patients, but it also is a great way for general dentists to research your work whenever they’re searching for a specialist for a specific referral. After all, most general dentists would greatly appreciate seeing some of your actual work prior to referring their patients to you. So creating a dentaldecider profile helps you exhibit your work to both patients as well as general dentists in your neighborhood.

Step 3: Start Submitting Photos & X-rays of Your Treatments

You’re now ready to build your very own exclusive photo gallery pages. Start submitting before and after photos and X-rays of all your best work. Submit all the photos you have stashed away to create an impressive photo gallery and continue to send more photos as you complete newer treatment to keep your profile up-t-date and current.

You can submit as many photos and X-rays as you’d like to better communicate your work with existing and prospective patients as well as general dentists in your neighborhood. The more photos you submit, the more your patients understand your skill and competency level for that specific treatment. Also, the more photos you submit, the better you will rank on dentaldecider’s search engine as well as Google’s search engine. It’s recommended to start off with a few hundred photos to create your initial photo gallery and continue to submit photos of your work as you complete newer treatments. To learn more about how to submit photos and X-rays of your work to dentaldecider please click here.

Advantages of Having a dentaldecider Profile for Specialists:

Creating a dentaldecider profile allows you to share all of your work. Dental specialists have to rely heavily on patient referrals from general dentists. However, many patients nowadays take it upon themselves to research and find their own specialists. Creating a dentaldecider profile is great for both scenarios. General dentists can research your work to see what type of treatment you offer prior to referring patients to you. Similarly, patients can research your work to learn more about the advantages of getting their treatment with you, as a specialist, as opposed to a general dentist. So start gathering photos and X-rays of your treatments off of your cell phones, computer, Facebook, etc. and start putting them to use on dentaldecider!

Ready to Get Started?

Email us at and request an application. Don’t forget to mention your full name, city, state, specialty and the best number to get a hold of you. We will contact you within 1 to 5 business days to help set up your profile. In the meantime, start preparing photos and radiographs of your work in anticipation of building your very own photo gallery!

Sample Profiles 

We’ve created a sample profile for Dr. G. V. Black founder of modern dentistry (not a real profile, only for demonstration purposes). You can view the sample profile pages as follows:

  • To view a sample dentist’s profile page please click here
  • To view a sample main photo gallery page please click here
  • To view a sample category photo gallery page please click here

Have Unanswered Questions? 

Check out our FAQ section to learn more about how dentaldecider works by clicking here. Or email our customer service department at for more information.

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