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3 Steps to Creating Your Own dentaldecider Profile

Steps to Creating Your dentaldecider Profile

Creating your dentaldecider profile is as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the three steps involved in creating a new profile or claiming an existing one. Please note that this section is only for general dentists. If you are a dental specialist please click here and you will be directed to the page dedicated for dental specialists.

Step 1: Approve your head shot

If we’ve already created a profile for you then there’s a chance you have a head shot on file. If you’re happy with your existing head shot then you can skip to the next step. However, if there is no head shot or if you’d like to update your existing one, then simply send a photo of yourself to Make sure it’s a high quality up-to-date photo. We will take care of cropping and framing your photo for you. To learn more details about head shot guidelines and the significance of your head shot please click here.

Step 2: Complete your profile page

Once you contact our customer service, we will send you a profile questionnaire. The questions are designed to communicate everything you want to tell patients regarding your training, background, philosophy, techniques, technology, etc. Our questionnaire is very detailed and covers every major dental procedure.

Once you’ve completed your profile, this information will be entered into our search engine and shows up when patients search specific treatments. For instance, when a patient searches “pediatrics” or “root canal therapy”, your narrative for these categories will show up on the search engine. You must provide high quality content for each category in order to show up higher on the search results. To learn more about how to complete your profile please click here.

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Step 3: Start submitting photos & X-rays of your treatments

Once you’ve approved your head shot and completed your profile, you’re now ready to build your very own photo gallery. Start submitting before and after photos and X-rays of all your best work. Submit as many photos and X-rays as you’d like in order to better communicate your work with existing and prospective patients. There is no limit to how many photos you can post to your photo gallery. The more photos you submit, the more your patients understand your skill and competency level for that specific treatment. Also, the more photos you submit, the better you will rank on dentaldecider’s search engine as well as on Google’s search engine. To learn more about how to submit photos and X-rays of your work to dentaldecider please click here.

Reasons to Post Your Photos to dentaldecider
What are the Advantages of Having a dentaldecider Profile?

dentaldecider is the only search engine designed exclusively for dentists to categorically share their work with the world. Here are some additional advantages of sharing your photos on over all the other platforms:

We provide the only categorical search engine designed exclusively for dentists

dentaldecider’s search engine has 18 categories which cover each and every dental treatment. This allows patients to search through your work and photo galleries according to whatever their exact needs are. This means someone who is looking for a dentist that performs Veneers versus Invisalign versus a root canal, etc. can search your work based on their exact needs to find the right dentist.

It’s free

We totally understand that no one wants to keep paying for each and every photo they update to their website. dentaldecider is a free service for dentists and patients alike. You can upload as many photos as you’d like and update your profile as frequently as you want without having to worry about paying some hefty bills. If you want your photos to be linked to your website, email our customer service at and we will send a link to your webmaster to place on your website and link it to your photo galleries. In fact, you are even welcome to use your profile page in place of your website if you currently do not have a website! Simply create a dentaldecider account and link your Yelp and Google account to your dentaldecider site and it can serve as your actual website!

You are in full control of what gets posted and what doesn’t

As opposed to some other sites that allow customers to judge and rate you, we give you full control of everything that gets posted. No negative reviews, complaining patients or disgruntled ex-employee reviews here! Simply post your most impressive work and let the viewers be the judge.

We protect your photos

Taking quality before and after pictures and submitting them to build your photo gallery can be hard work, especially at the beginning. We understand that. As such, no one wants to have their photos ripped off. We have came up with three levels of security to prevent plagiarism. First, we crop and frame original photos and scan them for duplicates.  This lets us detect any photos that may have belonged to another doctor. Next, we copyright and tag each and every photo with your name to better protect it. Finally, and most impressively, we attach a thumbnail of your headshot to each and photo that gets posted on your behalf.

How you submit your photos & X-rays to us

How we display your photos & X-rays

Your headshot essentially works as the equivalent of your signature or stamp. We place your head shot on each photo that gets posted on your behalf. No one wants to steal a photo that has your name and headshot plastered all over it! Not only does this protect your work, but it also gives you excellent marketing by constantly putting your picture out there attached to photos of your work.

We help get your work, name and face out there

When a prospective patient is browsing through your photo galleries, they are constantly being exposed to your headshot as well as your name. This serves as great advertisement for your brand. Imagine your headshot next to tens, hundreds or thousands of photos of treatment which you have actually performed. Showing photos of hundreds or thousands of Veneers or dental implants to patients has a much more profound effect on them than simply stating how good you are at placing veneers or implants or how many you’ve successfully performed. As the proverb goes, a picture is worth a thousand words really applies here.

We pay attention to patient privacy

In addition to protecting your rights as the owner of the photos, we also make sure to protect your patient’s rights. We censor out any identifying facial features to help protect your patients identity. This protects you and us against any HIPAA violations as well as upset patients! Keep in mind that while it is always better to obtain consent prior to taking patient photos, you do NOT actually require your patients consent to submit photos or X-rays of their teeth and face because we censor out all identifying features.

Each and every photo is tagged for Google optimization

It’s true, each and every photo that we posted to dentaldecider gets tagged with your name along with the exact treatment. Not only does this help protect and track your work, but tagging photos really helps boost your ranking on Google’s search engine. Google only knows what a photos is based on the tag it’s been given. All those pictures you post to Facebook, Instagram or Yelp are untagged so you get no credit from Google for them. However, dentaldecider tags your photos to help you rank higher on Google’s search engine.

For example, if you submit 500 treatment photos and X-rays for dental implants, you now have 500 photos which are tagged with your full name and the words dental implant. The result is that you will rank much, much higher on Google’s search engine when someone searches for dental implants. Google places heavy emphasis on photos, and there is no better way to increase your organic Google ranking than posting photos of your work attached to your name.

So in summary, dentaldecider frames, tags, copyrights, censors, categorizes, SEO optimizes and attaches your head shot to each and every photo that you post to our website. Still think you’re better off putting that before and after photo of your Onlay or Dental Implant to Facebook and get 10 likes, most of them which are your staff anyways? or to Yelp and receive only 2 or 3 views without any credit from Google? It’s plain and simple, photos of your dental treatment go further on dentaldecider than any other platform!

Ready to Get Started?

Now that you understand the countless benefits of posting your photos and radiographs to, it is now time to get started. E-mail us at and request an application. We will contact you within 1 to 5 business days to help set up your profile. In the meantime, start preparing photos and radiographs of your work in anticipation of building your very own photo gallery!

Want to see what a sample profile looks like? 

We’ve created a sample profile of Dr. G. V. Black. You can view this sample profile here:

Want to learn even more about how dentaldecider works? 

Check out our FAQ section to learn more about how we work by clicking here.

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