Do I Need to Place a Crown On a Root Canal Treated Tooth: Pros of NOT Placing a Crown

1. In rare occasions a root canal won’t require a crown. This only applies when three things occur.

  • It’s a front tooth
  • The cavity or fracture is very small
  • Once the root canal is performed you still have the majority of your tooth struture intact

This only works on front tooth because they have only one nerve and the dentist or endodontist can make a very small access hole to do the root canal. This will also leave plenty of tooth structure intact. You may pass up on placing a crown on the tooth in these cases, at your own risk of course. Again, this only applies if very little tooth structure has been removed, so if there is a large cavity or a large existing filling in place then you will still require the crown.

helpful hint – The back teeth almost always require a crown after the root canal. Back teeth usually have multiple nerves and the dentist will have to create a large access hole to perform the root canal. As a result you will require a root canal. Additionally, since you chew on the back teeth, these will take the blunt of your chewing pressure and you run the risk of cracking them without a crown in place.

2. Doubling your expenses and number of appointments. Crowns are expensive and typically cost about the same or more than the root canal itself. And often times they also require a post in order to help hold the filling in place which further adds to the costs. And it takes several additional visits to perform a crown as well.

3. Your crown may have to be replaced in the future. A well done root canal will generally last you a lifetime. A crown on the other hand may require replacement over time should something go wrong with it. Crowns are made of porcelain or similar material and once they break it automatically results in a do over since crowns can not be repaired inside the mouth. Or your crown may fit well now but as you lose gum tissue around the tooth over the years, you may be forced to replace the crown as it is now trapping food, looking unattractive or no longer providing a proper seal around the tooth.

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Do I Need to Place a Crown On a Root Canal Treated Tooth: Pros of Placing a Crown

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