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How Does it Work?

How Does dentaldecider Search Engine Work

When you search for a treatment, you will get matched to a dentist who offers the exact treatment which you seek. View photo galleries of each dentist’s actual work and read up on their training to decide who’s the right dentist for you.


Joe wants to receive a few dental implants to replace his missing teeth while Jane wants braces to straighten her teeth. Who is the right dentist for each one? As you know, not all dentists are as equally skilled in offering each treatment. Our search engine lets you browse through photo galleries for each treatment to match with the dentist that is right for you. You can read up on how each dentist goes about offering the treatment which you seek and check out before and after photos of their treatments. Obviously a dentist that has posted 100s or 1,000s of treatment photos of successful dental implant cases is a better fit for Joe. Similarly, a dentist that has straightened hundreds or thousands of smiles using metal or clear braces, with before and after photos to serve as proof, is most likely a better match for Jane. Joe and Jane can use dentaldecider to better find the right dentist for their needs.


We are currently in beta mode and working on building the Orange County, California network of dental provider. We will be slowly expanding nationwide within the next few years and we appreciate your patience!

Are you a dentist interested in showcasing your talents to the world?

dentaldecider is the best platform for dentists to share photos of their work. We tag, frame, copyright and categorize your work and make them searchable for a better viewing experience for prospective patients. The best part is, there is no cost to you to setup your profile. Simply email us at with your full name, city and state and the best number to get a hold of you. One of our representatives will contact you within 5 business days to help you get started. We are accepting applications from dentists nationwide all across the U.S. If you would like to learn more about how to go about creating your very own dentaldecider profile, click on the following icons to learn more:

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