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    I got a root canal on my bottom moler tooth 3 days ago but it still hurts everytime I chew on it. I thought you shouldn’t feel anymore pain after you get the root canal so why is it still hurting me? I’m not sure if this helps but it took like 1.5 hours to do the root canal and it’s in the back tooth. It was by first root canal and she gave me some penicillin which I’ve been taking too. Thanks.


    John Jay

    Hey Allen. Sorry to hear about the pain and discomfort your tooth has been giving you. First off, let me reassure you that 1.5 hours for a molar root canal is not that unusual. In fact I would say that’s about the normal time it takes to perform these root canals.
    What you are experiencing is a common issue that many patients experience after their root canal treatment. Feeling pain upon chewing and biting is not that concerning. When a root canal is performed, a substantial amount of your tooth structure must be removed. As a result, your tooth becomes weak and tender. The “pressure pain” you describe is generally the result of your weakened tooth structure. The resulting pain you’re experiencing, most likely, is coming from the nerve receptors around your tooth, not inside of it. If your dentist had mistakenly overlook a tooth nerve your pain would be more of a hot and cold sensitivity type of pain.
    Keep in mind that this is something you ultimately need to verify with your dentist. My recommendation is to go back to them and request that they adjust your bite. Do this without receiving a shot if you can tolerate it. If reducing your bite provides instantaneous results, then it’s obvious that your filling was left high. Allow your dentist to take an X-ray to re-examine your tooth if necessary. Again, chances of this being a quick fix is quite high. In the meantime, stick with a soft diet and continue taking your medications as prescribed. Good luck to ya!

    Dr. John Jay
    Dentist and occasional blogger


    John Sweet

    Hey! Sorry to hear about your pain. You are experiencing this pain due to weakened tooth structure which was treated by root canal. When you chew your food, this weak teeth is unable to bear the pressure coming on it. So, it is suggested that discuss your issues with your dentist and she will definitely sort out all the problems. Continue your medications and you will be fine soon.


    John Sweet

    Hey there! The common root canal treatment normally takes up to this time. Ask your dentist whether your suffering from sensitivity or nerve pain. Dentist would have diagnosed it wrongly. Please ask dentist opinion gain and you will be fine once again. Continue with your liquid diet. You could also get more information here or accurate diagnosis by your own dentist.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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