General Dentist Application Form Instructions

How to setup and how patients find you dentaldecider

These are the guidelines for creating your very own dentaldecider profile. Note that the instructions provided herein are primarily for general dentists. If you are a dental specialists please contact us at for the appropriate application and instructions.

Creating a dentaldecider profile lets you communicate everything with regards to each and every single treatment you offer to existing and prospective patients. Keep in mind that you can always update your profile in the future at any time.  However, it’s best to try to create a comprehensive profile to begin with. This way you can concentrate your efforts on providing photos of your work instead of having to worry about your profile itself.

To download the general dentist dentaldecider application please click on the link below:


Once completed, please email your answers to with the title “new profile“. To learn more details on guidelines regarding how to write your profile please continue reading:

search engine results dentaldecider

(1) DENTIST’S NAME: Spell out your first name, middle name (or initial) and last name exactly the way you would like it displayed

Instructions: Please make sure you that use your legal name or a registered dba name. Nicknames and abbreviated names are not permitted. Keep in mind that patients may want to Google your name to find your dentaldecider profile, so you want your actual name to show up on your profile. If however you have a name which you commonly use instead of your legal name, then please write your actual name and place your nickname in parentheses. We will use both names so patients can better look up your profile regardless of which name they search for.


  • Jack Paul Johnson (if you prefer BOTH your first and middle name to be displayed)
  • Jack P. Johnson (If you prefer to just show your middle Initial)
  • J. Paul Johnson (if you prefer to mainly use your middle name)
  • Wang Fang (Winston) Liu or Ji-hoon (Jane) Park or Farshad (Sean) Mir (note that your legal name is spelled out and your nickname is placed within parenthesis)

(2) PRACTICE NAME: Spell out the name of your dental practice exactly as you would like it displayed

Instructions: You get up to 3 lines to use for your practice name (a 4th line is permitted only if you have multiple practices under the same name). Keep in mind that this is only enforced because of space restriction on the search results page.

  • The first line is the legal name you of your practice. If you simply use your actual name then skip this step.
  • The 2nd line is a description of the type of dentistry you practice. You get up to 3 descriptive words here. Words such as Family, General, Cosmetic, Comprehensive, Orthodontics, Laser, Bioesthetic, Geriatric, Orofacial Pain, Periodontics, etc. can be used to best describe the emphasis of your practice. You get up to 3 words so don’t get too carried away here.
  • The 3rd line is the name of the primary doctor(s). If you are a solo practitioner simply write your name. If you are a partnership or have had a steady and stable associate then you can use two or three doctor names here. If you are a large group practice or have high turnover in associates then write the main doctor’s name followed by & Associates.


Central Park Dental
Laser, Implant & Children’s Dentistry
Jack P. Johnson, DDS


Western Dental & Orthodontics
General Dentistry
Jack Johnson, DDS & Associates


Johnson & Jackson Dentistry
Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
Drs. Jack Johnson & John Jackson, DDS
(3) PRACTICE ADDRESS: Spell out your practice address

Instructions: Don’t forget to include suite number as well as your 5 digit zip code.

(4) PRACTICE PHONE NUMBER(S): Please spell out your phone number(s)

Instructions: You get either one or two phone numbers for each practice. The first number should be the primary contact number for the practice. The second number is optional. It could be an emergency line, a toll-free number, text number, etc.

(5) PRACTICE HOURS: Please indicate your practice hours from Monday through Sunday

Instructions: List your working hours day by day starting from Monday and ending on Sunday. You may also use the following terms if necessary: by appointment only; open one, two or three times per month; open every other (Wednesday); closed for lunch from this time to that time, etc.


Monday:9 am to 5 pm
Tuesday: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Wednesday: by appt only
Thursday: 8 am to 12 pm (by appt only)
Friday: 9 am to 6:45 pm (open the first Friday of each month)
Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm (open two Saturdays per month)
Sunday: Closed
Office is closed for lunch from 1 pm to 2:15 pm during weekdays.
(6) DENTAL SCHOOL & GRADUATION YEAR: Indicate the dental school from which you obtained your dental degree and your graduation year

Please indicate which dental school you obtained your DDS or DMD degree from. If you went to an international school you can either list your original dental school or the one from which you obtained your US license. If you want to list your international school please state the country the school is located in as well. It’s your choice which school you enlist here. In our experience, listing your original dental school is more effective as it shows exactly how long you’ve been a dentist for. However it’s up to you really which school you prefer us to list so long as you list one. Keep in mind that this is not the place to mention trainings such as GPR or AEGD trainings or any other none board-recognized specialty training. You can mention such additional trainings in the affiliations & educations section later on.


Boston University 2000
University of the East, Philippines 1996



Instructions: Treatments section is designed for you to tell your prospective and existing patients as much as you can about each and every dental treatment which you offer. There are a total of 18 categories for this section as follows:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • Veneers & Cosmetic
  • Clear Removable Braces
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • Fillings & Prevention
  • Gum (Periodontal) Therapy
  • Dentures
  •  Pediatrics (Children’s Dentistry)
  • Cleanings
  • TMJ & Facial Pain
  • Teeth & Wisdom Extraction
  • Sleep Apnea & Disorders
  • Oral Cancer & Lesions
  • Advanced Oral Surgeries

You can write as little or as much as you’d like for each treatment. If you don’t perform a procedure but refer it out then let us know the name of the specialist(s) to who you refer to. For example, if you don’t perform impacted wisdom extraction then write “I do not perform complicated wisdom teeth removal and refer them to oral surgeons Jonathan Lim or Paul White to whom I have been successfully referring my wisdom teeth cases for the past ten years”. It is better to include information regarding your referral process than leaving a category empty altogether. 

Keep in mind to place the most important information within the first two sentences. Only the first one to two sentence will appear on the search results page whenever your profile shows up. Try to include intriguing information within the first one to two sentences to encourage readers to click on your profile to read more and view your photo galleries.

Keep in mind that all of your treatments, photos and X-rays must fall into one of these 18 categories. Obviously not every dentist will offer every single treatment. Choose the categories for which you want to rank higher and focus on them. Even if you do offer a treatment but it’s not a big part of your practice, it’s still better to include a brief narrative regarding that treatment. Keep in mind that you will only show up on the search results if you have an explanation, no matter how long or short it is. Additionally, the more comprehensive and thorough your profile is, the higher you will rank on our search engine and the more appealing your profile will become to viewers.

Do’s & Dont’s of Treatment Section:

Treatment Section dentaldecider

  • Provide at least a one paragraph explanation for each treatment category that you offer
  • Be detailed and mention specifics about your treatments, technology, training, any special course you’ve taken, awards you have received, relevant publications, etc.
  • Place the most important information within the first 1 to 2 sentences to grab the reader’s attention
  •  Include any specialists or hygienists names you work with or refer to (include full name). If you work with a periodontists, oral surgeon, orthodontist, etc. on a complex treatment, make sure to mention the specialist’s names and state what exactly what they did. For instance, “full mouth rehab by Dr. Derrick Jeter preceded by 18 months of Orthodontic treatment by Dr. Alex Rodriguez as well as 2 dental implants on teeth #8 and #9 placed by oral surgeon Dr. Mariano Rivera.”
  • Proofread your content for grammatical and spelling errors
  • Don’t copy other dentists profiles. We are strict about penalizing plagiarists.
  • Don’t exaggerate or include content which can’t be substantiated. Instead, provide explanation and photos of your work and let the viewers be the judge of how great your are.
  • Don’t write too little content for categories that are important to you
  • Don’t write sloppy and full of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Don’t ever discuss pricing. Mentioning your prices is NOT allowed anywhere on the site. Save the bargaining for when patients have viewed your gallery, read your content and decided that you are the right dentist for them. This is the place to communicate with your patients and showcase your body of work.
  • Don’t reveal any personal information about your patients under any context. It’s a HIPAA violation to discuss any patient information online.

(7) TEETH WHITENING: Tell us all about your teeth whitening treatments. Discuss topics such as the type of whitening material you offer, whether you offer in-office or take home trays, how long treatments typically take, what type of results patients should expect, advice on what to do before and after treatment, etc.

(8) DENTAL IMPLANTS: Share with us as much as you can about your dental implant placement and restoration. Let us know if you place and/or restore dental implants. If you refer out your work, mention the name of the specialists to whom you refer out to. Mention if you perform all-on-fours, hybrids, bars, etc. Discuss how long you’ve been placing dental implants for, what type of system you use, how long treatments typically take, what type of additional training you have, CE courses you’ve taken on dental implants and discuss any additional implant related procedures you perform such as sinus lifts, grafts, etc.

(9) VENEERS & COSMETICS: Let us know all about cosmetic dental treatments which you offer. Discuss which dental lab you work with, what material you use for temporaries as well as permanent veneers, what other cosmetic treatments you offer such as Lumineers, Snap-on smile, etc., what type of results patients should expect, how long treatments generally take, what additional training or CE courses you have on offering cosmetic dentistry procedures, etc.

(10) CLEAR REMOVABLE BRACES: This category is reserved for removable braces such as Invisalign or Clear Correct and is not for traditional wire and bracket braces. Discuss which company you use for offering clear braces, what type of cases you can treat with removable braces, mention if you are a certified provider, how long you’ve been offering clear braces for, what additional training you have on orthodontic treatment, how long treatments typically take, etc. You can also discuss any patient instructions on wearing trays as well as retainers.

(11) FULL MOUTH REHABILITATION: This is the prosthodontic category reserved for cases involving extensive work involving a combination of extractions, implants, root canals, multiple crowns and/or veneers, etc. Tell us your philosophy on performing full mouth rehabilitation cases, how you perform these treatments, what type of temporaries patients get to wear, how long treatments usually take, which laboratory you work in conjunction with, what type of results patients usually achieve, etc.

(12) TRADITIONAL METAL BRACES: If you only offer Invisalign or Clear Correct then skip this category and name the orthodontist to which you refer advanced cases to. If you do perform traditional metal and wire braces then tell us all you can about your treatments including what your philosophy is, what type of results to expect, how long treatments typically take, what instructions you have for dealing with brackets, wires and other emergencies, what type of training and CE courses you’ve completed on orthodontic treatment, instructions on wearing retainers, advice on maintaining hygiene during wearing braces, etc.

(13) CROWNS & BRIDGES: This category is for single or multiple unit crowns, inlays & onlays, smaller bridges, etc. Cosmetic treatments should be placed in Veneers & Cosmetics category and extensive full mouth bridges should be placed in Full mouth Rehabilitation category.  Tell us all what type of material you use for crowns, which lab you work with, instructions on caring for temporary crowns, what to do if the temporary falls off, etc. If you use a CEREC machine then discuss how it works and what the protocol for same day crowns are.

(14) ROOT CANAL THERAPY: This is the endodontic category. If you don’t perform your own root canals or refer some of them out then mention the name of endodontist(s) you refer to. Tell us how you perform your root canals, what technologies and equipments you use, how long treatment for each tooth category typically takes, when you refer out cases, any special before or after instructions you have, when you recommend taking medications, emergency protocols, etc.

(15) FILLINGS & PREVENTION: This category is for basic dental treatments such as fillings, sealants and other preventive treatments for staining, incipient caries or minor decays. Discuss what type of fillings material you use, when and how you numb patients, what your approach to filling cavities is, any preventive treatments you offer, brushing and flossing instructions you may have, frequency of dental examination and X-rays you would recommend, etc.

(16) GUM (PERIODONTAL) THERAPY: This is the periodontal category. This section is not for simple and deep cleanings which belong to category Cleanings. If you refer out some or all of your periodontal work then be sure to mention what you refer out and the name of the periodontist(s) to whom you refer to. Please discuss the various periodontal therapies which you offer, discuss all technologies and treatments you utilize, mention if you make use of any lasers, what type of laser you use, discuss any additional training you have in offering periodontal therapy such as CE courses and certificates, etc.

(17) DENTURES: This category is for full, partial and all other types of dentures. You can also include implant retained dentures in this category if that is a treatment which you offer. Discuss what type of materials you use to fabricate dentures, what experience you have in making dentures, how many dentures you typically fabricate, which laboratory you work with, how long it takes to make a set of dentures on average, what type or results patients should expect, how patients should care for their new dentures, how many follow-up visits and adjustments to expect, how you go about repairing dentures or tightening loose dentures, etc.

(18) PEDIATRICS (CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY): This category is for all treatments pertaining to infants, children and teenagers which best belong in the pediatrics category. These includes treatments such as fillings on children, sealants, baby teeth extractions, space maintainers, pulpotomies, etc. Discuss whether or not you treat some or all pediatric patients and when you refer them out. List the names(s) of any pediatric dentists to whom you refer to. Mention your philosophy on saving versus removing baby teeth, the age when you first see children, pediatric treatments which you offer, behavioral management skills you utilize, recommendations for caring for children’s teeth at home, instructions regarding children’s diet and oral hygiene habits, etc.

(19) CLEANINGS: This category is for simple and deep cleanings and not for advanced periodontal therapies. If you have a long time hygienist you can mention them by name and if interested you can send their bio and photo to create them a page as well. Discuss your approach to dental cleanings, how often you recommend dental cleanings for various patients, what additional cleaning therapies you offer such as laser, medications, antibiotics, etc. and why you offer them, how you determine if a case is simple or deep cleaning, how long does each cleaning take, how you perform the cleanings as well as the gum exams, etc.

(20) TMJ & FACIAL PAIN: This category is for treating TMJ problems, headaches, numbness and tingling in the orofacial region, etc. If you refer such cases out to a specialist or a pain clinic then please mention the full name of the specialists (even if they are not a dentist). Please mention your approach to diagnosing and treating TMJ discomfort and facial pain, what methods and medications you use, how long treatment takes, what type of results to expect, how you determine if patient grind their teeth, what your recommendation is for treating grinding habits, etc.

(21) TEETH & WISDOM EXTRACTIONS: This category is reserved for removing teeth and wisdom teeth surgeries as well as bone grafts and membrane placement. If you do not perform all or some of your oral surgeries then please mention which procedures you refer out and to whom you refer out to. Please mention how you numb or sedate patients, any additional sedative options you offer, how experienced you are in removing teeth, what additional training you have, whether of not you place bone grafts and why you do so, before and after surgery instructions, advice on taking anticiotics and painkillers, etc.

(22)  SLEEP APNEA & DISORDERS: This category is for sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment. If you refer these cases out then please mention any specialists which you work with. Mention how you diagnose and treat sleep apnea patients. 

(23) ORAL CANCER & LESIONS: This is a very important category for obvious reasons. If you have a cancer diagnosis and screening protocol please mention it here.If you generally refer out cases please mention to whom you refer out to. Indicate whether or not you perform biopsies, how you go about detecting suspicious lesions, where you send biopsies to, etc.

(24) ADVANCED ORAL SURGERIES: This category is primarily reserved for oral surgeons, although you can use it to mention Botox treatments if you do offer them. This category is otherwise reserved for oral and maxillofacial surgeons for cases such as cleft palate, mandibular resection, repairing broken jaws, etc. Please mention any hospital privileges you have, what type of advanced oral surgeries you perform, what special training you have in oral and maxillofacial surgeries, etc.


(25) CE COURSES & CERTIFICATIONS: List every major CE course or certificate you have obtained. If your CE course or certificate is directly related to one of our treatment categories then please state it here as well as on the category list. For instance if you took a one year course to train in dental implants, you can mention it here as well on the category for dental implants.

(26) PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: List all professional organizations which you belong to. Avoid using abbreviations and spell out the full names of any organization you belong to instead. For example, Orange County Dental Society instead of OCDS. Keep in mind that most viewers will be patients and they are not as familiar with our acronyms. 

(27) AWARDS & HONORS: List of all awards and honors you have received throughout your career. While not mandatory, it is recommended that you mention the year when you received each award as well.

(28) PUBLICATIONS & RESEARCH: List any articles, blogs or other high-quality publications you have contributed to. Please make sure the material is high quality and well written. We do not link out to other websites so you can not provide a link to your publications from your dentaldecider account. However you are more than welcome to post your article onto our website. If you would like your articles to be featured on dentaldecider please send us your entire article and we will publish it on our website along with an internal link to it from your profile. This is to your benefit as viewers don’t have to leave your profile page just to read your article.

(29) HOSPITAL PRIVILEGES: If you currently or previously have held a position with hospital privileges please state so here (this is mostly for pediatric dentists, oral surgeons and other specialists who work within a hospital setting). 



This section is mostly dedicated to the insurances you accept. As you  may have noticed, it’s also the last section on your dentaldecider profile and there’s a  good reason for that. We don’t want this to be yet another website where patients look up which dentist participates in their insurance plan. There’s plenty of websites for that purpose already. We want you to use dentaldecider to showcase your training, skills and photos of your treatments and for patients to choose you based on these criteria rather than simply whether or not you accept their insurance plan.

Having said that, we all know that most patients want to know whether or not you accept their insurance plans. We have divided the insurance plans into four sections: PPOs, HMOs, Government Insurances and Union Plans. Please state whether or not you accept each type of insurance plans. You can simply include a statement such as “I accept most PPO plans” or “I accept PPO plans but I’m out of network with most of them“, etc. Alternatively you can list individual plans which you accept, for instance “I accept Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, Delta PPO, Guardian PPO, Metlife PPO and a few other PPO plans“. It’s really up to you how detailed you want to be here so long as you are not misleading patients.





(34) OFFERS FINANCING: Please mention ant financing plans you offer. Try to be detailed as this is also an important category to most patients.  List any in-house or third party financing you use and feel free to provide examples of how they work. If you also offer your own in-house fee schedule or any other type of plan that facilitates  patients paying for their treatment, please mention so here. 

Congratulations, you are at the end of the application process!

Now all you have to do is answer these questions and send your answers to Please email your answers to and we will create your profile within 1 to 5 business days. In the mean time, start gathering photos and X-rays of your best treatment in preparation for your very own dentaldecider profile.

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