Head Shot Photo Guidelines

Toothy Lane HeadshotDon’t worry too much about your headshot, we’re certain you’re looking good (wink)! You can always update your head shot at any time. So go ahead and pick out a nice photo of yourself off of your cell phone, Facebook profile or simply take a selfie and e-mail it to us. Head shots are important, they are amended to all your photo series. Your head shot essentially serves as your signature, or stamp, to better secure your work. It also puts your face right in front of the viewer to help build your brand. Once you’ve selected a high-quality dazzling photo of yourself, email it to customerservice@dentaldecider.com with the title “head shot” along with your full name, city, state and a phone number to best get a hold of you. We will crop and frame your head shot and inform you once your head shot has been updated. Just be sure that your head shot photo meets guidelines:

Submit a high-resolution, untouched photo

We crop and frame head shots so you don’t have to worry about it. Head shots are displayed as a framed 300 x 300 pixel square. It’s important to submit a high resolution photo to allows us to create a nice headshot for your profile. Pictures taken on cell phones and Facebook are generally satisfactory.

Make sure your photo is relatively up-to-date

The objective of your head shot is for prospective patients to keep seeing your face each and every time they look at the photo of a veneer or root canal which you have performed. If you post a picture of yourself from your high school days while you’re currently sporting salt-and-pepper hair and a goatee, it could be a bit awkward when prospective patients actually get to meet you in person. As such, it’s best to select a photo that is no more than 5 years old.

Avoid black-and-white or artistic photos

You really only need one good head shot, so why not make it a natural and colorful one? Additionally, since photo galleries are color based, amending a black and white headshot is not as visually appealing. In general, avoid touching up your profile photo in any shape or way and try to submit an original photo instead.

Make sure to dress appropriately

It’s best to submit a photo of yourself wearing a doctor’s coat, scrubs or some type of professional attire. T-shirts and casual clothing is also acceptable but not as effective. Photos of you surfing, scuba diving or wearing sunglasses and a hat might look nice, but are best reserved for your Facebook profile rather than a professional photo sharing site such as dentaldecider!

Pay attention to your background and surrounding

While it’s recommended to take a photo of yourself with some type of dental setting in the background, taking pictures with nature, flowers, paintings or other pleasant backgrounds is also acceptable. Just make sure the background is not so busy that it distracts from your head shot. Additionally, avoid submitting photos where you’re standing too close to others. Your head shot must show your face only and not that of your patients, assistants or pets!

Let us crop and frame your headshot

We prefer if you did’t edit or crop your head shot photo. We will do all of that for you to keep everything standardized for a better viewing experience. It’s acceptable to have a professional prepare your headshot as well, just make sure it’s a high-quality photo which shows your entire head, neck and shoulder within a perfectly square frame. We can post your headshot exactly the way you submit it to us so long as it meets all guidelines.

Ready to get started?

Great! Email us at customerservice@dentaldecider.com with your full name, city, state and the best number to get a hold of you. One of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly afterwards. To learn more about how to set up or claim an existing dentaldecider profile please click here.

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