Benefits of Implant-Retained Bridges (All-on-fours)

Full mouth dental implant replacement options:

As mentioned earlier, there are two basic options when it comes to replacing all of your missing teeth: Implant-supported dentures or implant-retained bridges. We will now discuss the benefits of an implant-retained bridge, also referred to as all-on-fours:

What are the advantages on implant-retained bridges (all-on-fours)?

Implants-retained bridges, or all-on-fours, involve a bridge which is anchored on top of several implants. This is the closest option you can get  next to having your actual teeth back. The bridge stays in your mouth and gives you excellent chewing ability.

Implant-retained bridges give you fixed teeth

With implant-retained bridges your teeth will be fixed permanently into your mouth. The bridge anchors onto your dental implants and there is no more removing them. Of course with the exception of when you go to your dentist for repairs or cleanings. Having fixed, non-removable teeth can make you feel as if you had your original teeth back. Not only does having a beautiful set of teeth make you look very nice, but you will also feel much younger. You will definitely have more confident with permanent teeth in place as compared to dentures.

Implant-supported dentures are also a great options to replace all your missing teeth. Yet regardless of what has been said about the benefits of overdentures, fact remains that they are still dentures. You still can take overdentures in and out of your mouth just like you would a regular denture. You still have to worry about them becoming loose over time or running into other problems. Psychologically you’re still conscious of wearing dentures and the fact that these aren’t your actual teeth.

Having fixed teeth will boost your confidence

An implant-retained bridge is a much better option for younger people who have lost all of their teeth. Wearing dentures psychologically affects younger individuals. If you have permanent teeth that don’t ever come out, it can make a big difference in your psyche. Additionally, younger people tend to have excellent jawbone so they are usually excellent candidates for implant-retained bridge treatment. Of course lets be honest here, you have to be young and wealthy to afford this treatment since it is very expensive.

You will have better chewing ability and stability with implant-retained bridges

Wearing an implant-retained bridge is  basically the equivalent of having your original teeth back. Since implant-retained bridge is fixed in your mouth, your chewing ability will be excellent. In fact it will be almost equivalent to that of someone with their own actual teeth. With overdentures your teeth still move quite a bit while eating and your chewing ability is still far from great. With overdentures there is still movement and your chewing ability is far from 100%.

Implant-retained bridges stay in very well and hold up against the test of time. On other hand, overdentures can loosen up over time as you keep using them. You have to pay your dentist a visit every now and then to have them re-tightened. This involves replacing the connector part, known as an O-ring, in order to make the dentures tighter for a while longer.

Implant-retained bridges are your best overall option

If you want the absolute best then look no further implant-retained bridges. This treatment is literally the next best thing to having your own actual teeth back. In most instances you can’t even tell the difference between these and your own teeth. In fact with no more actual teeth to have to worry about cavities and gum disease, most people prefer this option to their original teeth!

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