Reasons to Keep Wisdom Teeth

When should I keep wisdom teeth?

While some of reading this article have no wisdom teeth, the majority have four of them. Regardless of the number, if you have wisdom teeth in your mouth then you must decide if you should remove them or if you can keep wisdom teeth. Not everyone is qualified to keep their wisdom teeth. Lets discuss situations where you can keep wisdom teeth without facing problems later on in life:

You can ONLY keep wisdom teeth if there’s sufficient room in your jaws for them

If your jaws are large enough to fully accommodate your wisdom teeth, then there’s no reason to have them removed. Keep in mind that this only applies when your wisdom teeth fully come out. This means they can’t get trapped and stuck underneath your gums. It also means that they aren’t so far back in your mouth that you can’t clean them. Here are the conditions which must be met if you’re planning on keeping your wisdom teeth:

Sufficient room for wisdom tooth to fully come out

There must be enough room for your wisdom tooth to fully come out. Your wisdom tooth must not get trapped underneath your gums. If your wisdom tooth is trapped, it will create a food trap which leads to infection and tooth decay. Wisdom tooth which are partially erupted must be removed.

Your wisdom tooth comes out in a straight position

Sometimes your wisdom tooth comes out, but it’s sitting at a 30 to 45 degree angle against the adjacent tooth. Unfortunately you can not keep wisdom teeth which are sitting at a poor angle. This creates a cavity on the adjacent tooth. If neglected, you run the risk of losing both the wisdom tooth as well as the adjacent one.

Accessible location for you to clean them

Wisdom teeth must be in an accessible location. You must have access to brush and clean them properly. Otherwise they develop tooth decay and start to break into pieces. Not only will this cause pain and discomfort, it also makes removing them much more difficult.

Your dentist or oral surgeon can best determine whether or not you can keep your wisdom teeth. An experienced dentist can tell you this even before the teeth have had a chance to erupt in your mouth.

Obstacles to removing your wisdom teeth

If your wisdom teeth need to come out, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. You must budget your time and finances to have them removed. Of course there are issues which you might face when having to deal with removing wisdom teeth such as:

Recovery time to heal from wisdom tooth removal surgery

The surgery to remove your wisdom teeth shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you go to an experienced dentist or oral surgeon. However, there is always some level of pain after your surgery. Easier cases are followed up by 2 to 3 days of significant pain and swelling. More complicated cases however can cause pain and swelling which lasts up to a week or even longer.

The worse cases of wisdom teeth removal surgeries which run into complications could result in pain which lasts for weeks or months. Make sure you go to a dentist or oral surgeon with plenty of experience performing these surgeries. Also make sure that you’re take your painkillers and antibiotics, get plenty of rest and follow post-operative instructions carefully. Otherwise you could really have a hard time recovering from your surgery.

Costs of wisdom teeth removal

Removing each wisdom tooth typically costs several hundred bucks. Additionally, if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed usually all of them must come out. This is because there either is or isn’t enough room for all of your wisdom teeth. Considering that removing each wisdom tooth typically costs a few hundred, multiplying that by four teeth can add up. Especially when you add in costs of exam and X-rays along with sedation. You could easily be looking at a couple thousand dollars to have all four of your wisdom teeth removed.

Having dental insurance can come in very handy for wisdom teeth removal. If you have good dental insurance plan, then give some additional consideration to having your wisdom teeth removed while under coverage. It may sound easier to keep your wisdom teeth, but removing them when could potentially save you tons of money.

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When should I remove wisdom teeth?

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