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After you’ve completed your profile and approved your head shot, it is now time to start posting photos of your work. There’s no limit as to how many photos you can submit, so keep them coming! Your job is to compile as many before & after photos and X-rays of your treatment as you can.  Email your photos to our customer service with a brief description and a category for each photo series. We will take care of everything else and create a responsive, beautiful and searchable photo gallery for you. Just make sure you properly follow guidelines for submitting photos:

Don’t even think about using someone else’s photo

Don’t even think about taking other people’s photos. We examine all photos submitted to dentaldecider for authenticity. Additionally, we reserve the right to audit any user, just like an insurance company would. You wouldn’t submit someone else’s X-ray to an insurance companies, so please refrain from doing it to us as well. Cheaters are severely punished, from being placed on probation, having their search page rankings reduced, or even having their photo gallery deleted in the case of most serious offenders. Additionally, the doctor(s) from whom you have taken the photos can pursue legal actions for copyright infringement against you. So lets keep it honest and work together to create a wonderful website where you can display your work and showcase your artistic skills to existing and prospective patients.

Submit clean, original and high-quality photos

We will crop, frame, edit and label photos and radiographs for you. Your job is simply to make sure that you submit high-quality, original photos and X-rays of your treatment. Low pixel and fuzzy photos will be rejected. Also, avoid placing any labels on photos and let us do all of that for you.

You can submit photos, radiographs or both

Certain categories, for instance Root Canal Therapy, are better suited for before and after radiographs. Other categories, such as Teeth Whitening, are better suited for before and after photos. And certain categories, such as Full Mouth Rehab, require both X-rays and photographs in order to best showcase your work. It’s really up to you whether you prefer to submit photos and/or radiographs to best get your point across and we don’t mandate any regulations.

At a minimum, submit two photos or radiographs per case: a before and an after

We require a before and after photograph or radiograph as proof that you have completed the work. This even applies for Teeth & Wisdom Extraction category and we require an X-ray or photo showing the tooth having been removed. You are welcome to submit more than two photos or X-rays if your cases requires it as well. If you prefer submitting a series of multiple photos or radiographs, such as they do in published dental articles, that’s acceptable too. If you’re submitting multiple photos and/or radiographs, make sure to label your submissions in order, such as 1, 2, 3, etc. so we know the order by which your submitted photos need to be placed. This way we can correctly organize the photos in the right sequence without risking mixing them up.

Mention which category each photo or radiograph series belongs to

Make sure to indicate a category for each photo series, such as Teeth Whitening, Root Canal Therapy, or whichever of the 18 categories that exist. If you’re a specialist and have created sub-categories then mention which one the photo series belongs to. For instance, if you’re an endodontists, you are encouraged to create subcategories for root canal therapy to better divide up photos of your work. You can create a page for retreats, another for apectomy, a third one for calcified canals, etc. Please contact our customer support at to discuss the subcategories you’re considering and we will create a custom profile for you.

Include at a minimum a one sentence explanation for each photo or radiograph series

The minimum description required for each photo series is one line. For instance, if you’re submitting a veneer photo series you can include a description such as “6 veneers on front 6 teeth” or “Divinci veneers made by Jason Kim laboratory covering teeth #6 through #11”. You are always welcome to write an entire paragraph or even a full page article if you like to. We will create a link from your photo to allow readers to read the full article if interested. However, a one line description is the minimum requirement so that viewers know exactly what it is that they are looking at.

Select a photo as your gallery profile photo (Optional. If you don’t select a profile photo, we will do choose one for you)

Once you claim each of the 18 searchable categories, we need to assign a profile photo for that category. For example, once you setup the Veneers & Cosmetics page, we need to assign a profile photo of a veneer case that you’ve treated for this category. Similarly, when you setup your Dental Implants page, we need to assign a photo of a dental implant which you have performed for this category. Profile photos are important as they are the first photo that shows in the search engine results page whenever your photo gallery is being displayed. It essentially is the most important and relevant photo that most viewers will see when viewing your photo gallery. As such, make sure to select one of your best photo to submit as your gallery profile photo for each category that you claim.

To designate a photo as a profile profile simply label it as “(category) profile photo”. For instance if you label a photo as “dental implant profile photo” we will use that particular photo as your dental implant profile picture. Don’t stress too much on this issue, as you can always update your profile photo at any time. Additionally, if you don’t designate a profile photo we will always select one for you. So don’t worry yourself too much and instead turn your focus to creating an appealing photo gallery instead.

Don’t forget that you don’t need your patient’s consent to submit a photo or radiograph of their treatment

While it’s always better to obtain patient consent prior to taking photographs of your patients, we do not require these consent forms in order to post your photos. We always censor out all identifying features from every photo in order to keep patient identities private. It’s best for protecting everyone and keeping the site safe and secure, even if you have consent forms to show their face. So unless you’re planning on posting a video, we do not require any consent forms to post photos and radiographs of your treatment.

Include every doctor’s name involved in the treatment

For solo practitioners with a single doctor this is not a major issue as all photos submitted will generally belong to a single doctor. Only mention specialist names should any work be referred out to a specialist for a part of the treatment. Group practices with specialists or multiple associates need to designate which doctor is responsible for each photo series. Keep in mind that changing doctor names is strictly prohibited, unless an error has been made, requiring special written request and approval from our site. So place close attention to correctly identify to whom each treatment belongs to. We apologize if this is an inconvenience for some, but this is essential in order to eliminate fraudulent photo assignment.

Submitted photos become property of dentaldecider

Note that all photos submitted to us become property of dentaldecider. Of course, we will do our best to protect your photos and create a beautiful, secure gallery. Trust us, your photos are much more secure and way more effective on dentaldecider than posted to the abyss of social media. The fact that we copyright, frame, place your name as well as your head shot on each and every photo, practically makes it impossible to steal your photos.

Ready to get started?

Great! Email us at with your full name, city, state and the best number to get a hold of you. We will forward you an application and one of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly afterwards. To learn more about how to set up or claim an existing dentaldecider profile please click here.

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