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Notification of Changes

Privacy policies contained herein are subject to change at any time without given prior notice. We post all updated changes to our website whenever we change our policies. Information collected before these changes will be secured according to former policies in place. Updated privacy policy replaces any and all previous statements prior to the change. We encourage readers to periodically visit our Privacy Policy page to inquire about the latest updates and information provided.

Photo Submission Guidelines

All photos submitted to dentaldecider become property of By submitting your photos to dentaldecider you give us full permission to edit your photos and post them on your behalf according to our photo posting guidelines. You also waive any rights to hold dentaldecider responsible for any thefts which may occur.

dentaldecider does its best to protect and copyright your photos. All photos submitted to dentaldecider are copyrighted in order to protect the dentist responsible for submission of the photo. We do our best to examine all photos against copyright infringement through a rigorous inspection and copyright process. However, we can not guarantee that your photos will not be used by other parties.

Should someone use your photos without permission, you waive any rights to hold dentaldecider responsible for such illegal actions. If you decide to pursue legal actions against the offending party, dentaldecider will provide you with documents and proof which you will require to prove your copyright infringement case. If you suspect your photos are being used illegally by someone else, please write us a detailed description. Send an email to with the title copyright case and we will follow up to send you the documents which you require.


dentaldecider uses cookies to retain some of its users information. This information may be used for targeting ads or for other marketing purposes. You will have the option to opt out and stop receiving offers and solicitations by opting out from our email service.


We are a third party supported website. We use Google Adsense to display advertisement throughout our website and we run our own ads from advertisers. These ads may contain cookies and gather some of your information.

External Links

This website contains inbound links. Outbound links are not provied on dentist profile pages and are only reserved for blogs and forums. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any sites linking to Placing these links does not mean we endorse or partner with these websites. There is no guarantee that the information contained within these website agree with our opinion or are confirmed by us. Refer to the privacy policy for each individual website linked to dentaldecider if you are interested in learning more about its guidelines and policies.

Social Media

We have links to our Social Media sites on our website. Our Social Media sites may collect information to enable improved functionality. These features are performed by websites other than ours and we have no access to them. Please refer to the appropriate privacy policy for each Social Media site to learn more about them.

Public Forums

Keep in mind that any information disclosed on our public forums is public information. Exercise caution before posting a comment. Never include any personal information.

HIPAA Guidelines

The HIPAA Privacy guidelines have been established to protect patient’s medical and dental records as well as other important personal information. We take this very seriously and thus refuse to display or engage with any specific medical or dental diagnosis or information. All the information on this site is generic information and refers to the general population. All photos posted are edited to remove all identifying features in order to make them HIPAA compliant. There are no direct sharing or discussion of any patient files or conditions allowed anywhere. If you would like to send us a question or post a comment, do not include any personal information.

Contact Us for Any Questions or Concerns

If you have any unanswered questions, suggestions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or website, please contact us directly at for further assistance. Thank you  for using dentaldecider and we hope you find the information herein helpful and beneficial to your oral health and useful in your selection of a dentist.

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