Removing Wisdom Teeth: Removing Wisdom Teeth One or Two at a Time

1. You can chew and function on the opposite side as the surgery side continues to heal. Spreading out your tooth removals over a few visit will make it easier for you to function while you are recovering. If you can’t afford to take a few days off form school or work then you might be better off doing one or two extractions at a time to allow yourself to recover quicker after each procedure. Since the post-op swelling can really affect what your eating and breathing it is recommended that your dentist or oral surgeon work on either the right side or the left side to allow you to use the other side of your mouth during the recovery period.

2. You can stretch out the expenses. Getting four wisdom teeth removed all at once is quiet expensive typically running between one to two thousand without dental insurance. If you need to budget yourself you can always start off with the one that is hurting you most and work your way through them one at a time. Keep in mind that being put to sleep will no longer make any sense and you have to be awake if you are going to remove them one at a time.

3. It is less risky to remove the wisdom teeth one or two at a time. To have all four wisdoms removed at once you need close to a dozen shots. Getting these many shots can seriously raise your blood pressure, possibly to dangerously high levels.

  • If you have hypertension or a history of heart problems then you should consider removing your wisdoms one or two at a time to avoid getting so many shots in one setting
  • If you have bleeding issues such as if you are on blood thinners then you should probably avoid removing so many teeth all at once
  • Severe asthmatic or those with serious breathing problems may feel asphyxiation symptoms if their entire mouth is numbed up and might want to consider doing their surgery over the course of a few visits to avoid this
  • And finally those with  high anxiety levels should pace themselves, unless they are being placed under sedation

helpful hint – If you simply have a very long list of various medical problems, which can happen as you get older, then getting all four wisdom teeth out at once may be too risky and not worth it. Complications from wisdom teeth removal go up with age, suck as ending up with nerve damage or ankylosis where your tooth is fused to the bone and you lose a large chunk of your jaw bone along with the tooth. And since recovery times will also increase with age it might be better to consider spreading out your extractions over several visits a few weeks apart.

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Removing Wisdom Teeth: Removing All Wisdom Teeth at Once

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