Benefits of Root Canal over Dental Implants

Should I get a dental implant or root canal?

Root canal treatment removes your tooth nerve whereas a dental implant requires your whole tooth to be removed. Receiving a root canal should be your first option so long as the tooth prognosis appears good. Here are some benefits of root canal over dental implants which you should know:

What are the benefits of root canal over dental implants?

It’s always nicer to keep your own tooth whenever possible. After all no one wants to have a fake tooth over a real one given the option. With a root canal you get to keep your actual tooth. This means that it’s easy to match your root canal treated teeth to your remaining teeth for good esthetic results. Here are some other benefits of a root canal over dental implants worth mentioning:

Root canals let you keep your actual tooth

When you receive a dental implant your tooth is removed and completely replaced with a fake one. Receiving a completely synthetic could lead to certain unexpected issues. For instance, your implant tooth may end up looking different than what your original tooth looked like. Placing dental implants to replace missing front teeth is particularly challenging. It’s not uncommon to lose some surrounding bone or gum tissue when performing the tooth removal prior to implant placement. This results in your implant tooth looking longer than the original one. This can make the implant tooth appear as if it doesn’t belong there.

With root canals you don’t have to worry about not having a tooth in place for a while

Another problem with dental implants is the fact that you probably won’t have your tooth for a while. Obviously this is more of a concern when discussing front teeth which show. However even having a back tooth missing for several months can pose an issue with chewing or lead to minor teeth shifting problems. Root canals allow you to save your tooth so there is no issues with regards to not having a tooth in place for a while. Not having to wear a denture or having your tooth missing for months is yet another advantage of root canal over dental implants.

It’s more affordable to go with a root canal over dental implants

Root canal treatment typically costs much less a dental implant, even when you include the costs of a post and crown for the root canal. You will typically be looking at around 50% to 200% more for complete dental implant treatment versus a root canal and crown. Additionally, while most insurance plans cover root canal treatments, very few cover dental implant. As a result if you have dental insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses are going to be much lower for a root canal over dental implants.

Root canals are faster and easier than implants

Root canal treatment is much speedier process than dental implants. A root canal is typically completed in one to two sessions over a week or two. Dental implants on the other hand usually take anywhere from 3-4 months up to a year to complete. Placing dental implants also require a surgery to remove the tooth and place the implant in place. Implant procedure is much more invasive than root canal treatment and can be a problem if you have high medical risks and complications.

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What are the benefits of a dental implant over root canal?

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