Should I be Put to Sleep for Dental Treatment: Pros of Being Awake

1. It is a lot of preparation and not every dental office will offer it to you. Before you get put to sleep you need to be medically cleared for it and follow a strict diet. You also need an escort to accompany and transport you to your visit. So there is quite a bit of preparation that goes into being put to sleep. Additionally, only select dentists or oral surgeons offer deep sedation. If you are trying to be put to sleep for general dentistry treatment it can be quite difficult to find a dentist who will offer it as this is typically reserved for surgeries by the oral surgeon. Offering deep sedation requires its own permit which few general dentists carry. You will have to do quite a bit of homework to find a dentist who can accommodate all of your needs while still offering you deep sedation at the same time.

2. Being put to sleep is both costly and risky. The cost of being put to sleep is typically an additional expense on top of that of your actual dental treatment. Sometimes your insurance may pick up the costs of your sedation during surgeries which really require them. But other times you will be charged a substantial additional fee for the sedation. Also deep sedation is risky and although infrequent, occasional deaths have been reported where the dentist or anesthesiologist was unable to reverse the effects of sedation and get the patient to wake up.

3. Deep sedation can not be offered on a consistent basis. Because being put to sleep requires a lot of preparation it can’t be done every single time you go to the dentist. As such it is typically reserved for the most complex and difficult dental treatments. If your plan is to be put to sleep every time you go to the dentist for a checkup and cleaning then you need to come up with another strategy because deep sedation and being put to sleep is just not going to work.

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Should I be Put to Sleep for Dental Treatment: Pros of Being Put to Sleep (Deep Sedation)

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