Should I Replace All My Silver Fillings: Leaving The Fillings Alone

1. There is a likelihood of developing sensitivity when replacing silver fillings with white ones. Every time an older filling is removed and replaced with a newer one it becomes a bit larger and a little closer to the tooth nerves. Replacing older silver fillings with newer white ones can lead to teeth sensitivity. This may be temporary and last for several weeks or months but occasionally it may linger and not go away until additional treatment is rendered to the tooth.

2. You may end up requiring a root canal or crown. Replacing silver fillings with white ones may lead to sensitivity. But sometimes you will develop more than just sensitivity and you could end up with a toothache that doesn’t improve with time. It this occurs you will probably require a crown or a root canal to fix the painful tooth.

  • If the tooth is tender to chewing and bite pressure then the cause of the sensitivity is most likely the weakening of tooth structure due to being undermined by a large filling and you most likely will require a crown. This type of pain tends to be mild to moderate and is typically intermittent and aggravated upon biting or chewing on the tooth.
  • If you are in a lot of pain most likely the nerve was damaged during the removal and replacement of the silver filling and you will require a root canal as well as a crown to treat this. This type of pain tends to be severe and throbbing and is constant and lingering and you usually find yourself having to take pain killers for it.

As you can see a single unsuccessful filling replacement can cause some serious aggravation along with a hefty bill!

3. It is expensive and time consuming to replace all your silver fillings. Replacing a series of old fillings can cost quite a bit. The more experienced dentists will probably offer you more expensive options such as inlays or onlays over traditional white fillings to reduce the risks of pain and sensitivity and avoid unnecessary root canal treatments. This could make it very expensive to have all of your silver fillings replaced. And depending on the number of fillings that  need replacement, you will probably be looking at a good number of visits to have the entire treatment completed.

Helpful hint – Having dental insurance will not help much in these cases. Replacing silver fillings just to improve ones look is considered a cosmetic treatment rather than a medical necessity and will not be covered by your dental plan. However if there are a few fillings which have cracks or cavities on them, these will be covered. Generally speaking, if you are planning on replacing say a dozen silver fillings with white ones, two to four of them may qualify under the insurance guidelines but you will be held accountable for the remaining.

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Should I Replace All My Silver Fillings: Replacing All the Silver Fillings

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