Should I Replace All My Silver Fillings: Replacing All the Silver Fillings

You may have heard bad things about silver fillings (Amalgams) due to their mercury content. All silver fillings contain some levels of mercury which is considered to be a toxin. Now it is debatable whether the mercury within dental fillings is actually harmful to your overall health or not considering that you don’t actually ingesting it. Some dentists still use lots of silver fillings in their practice while others claim to have Amalgam free offices and have stopped using them altogether. So if you already have a whole bunch of silver fillings then what is the best thing to do? Is it worth having them all replaced or should you consider just leaving them alone until they are actually due replacement and then worry about it?

Pros of Replacing All the Silver Fillings

1. Eliminating any potential risks associated with mercury. It has not been proven whether the mercury contained in the silver fillings is hazardous to your overall health or not. Afterall many people have dozens of silver fillings in their mouth and do just fine. But mercury itself is indeed a heavy metal toxin and its ingestion will produce Mercury toxicity which has many dangerous symptoms.

  • Impairment of speech, vision or hearing
  • Disturbed sensation
  • Lack of coordination
  • In very high doses merucry ingestion can even lead to death

If you have concerns over the safety of mercury or if you are convinced that silver fillings are adversely affecting your health, then consider talking to your dentist about having them replaced.

2. A better looking smile. Having lots of large silver fillings can give you a bit of a metal-mouth appearance even if they are located towards the back of your mouth. If you like taking lots of pictures then these silver fillings could start showing up when you when are smiling. While it is true that silver fillings are used primarily for treating the back teeth which are less visible, they can still show quite a bit, particularly when you have lots of them or when they are larger fillings.

3. It may be time to replace them after all. Many dentists nowadays are starting to move away from using silver fillings and offering Amalgam free dental offices as a result of the expansion of cosmetic dentistry along with the potential health hazards associated with silver fillings. If you are older and have lots of silver fillings in your mouth then chances are that they were placed decades ago when you were a teenager. There is a good possibility that a lot if these older silver fillings may be breaking or cracking as a result of their age and most of them might already require replacement. So it might not be a bad idea to consider having them all replaced at this point to get it over and done with.

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Should I Replace All My Silver Fillings: How to Decide?