Should I Use Nitrous Oxide for Dental Treatment: Pros of NOT Using Nitrous Oxide

1. An extra expense. You almost always have to pay a little extra for the use of nitrous oxide gas. The gas itself is pricey and it does take your dentist a little extra preparation time to administer the gas to you as well. Paying for the gas may be justified for the more difficult procedures or if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while. But it can start to add up if you want to rely on using it for every single procedure.

2. Not everyone responds equally well to the nitrous oxide gas. Although rare, nausea and vomiting can occur when inhaling nitrous oxide gas especially if the dosage or percentage of the nitrous oxide to oxygen is set too high. And not everyone will feel the gas working the same way. Some patients claim that they hardly feel a difference while others feel completely relaxed and at ease with it. Patients such as those with chronic COPD may not be able to function well with reduced levels of oxygen and may not be able to breath comfortably when on nitrous oxide. Should the nitrous oxide interfere with your breathing then have your dentist adjust the dosage and if that still doesn’t resolve your breathing issue then you probably shouldn’t use it.

3. You are still fully aware of your surroundings. While nitrous oxide gas can do a good job of helping most patients relax, it does not actually put you to sleep. Nitrous oxide provides only a minimal level of sedation and relaxes you more than puts you to sleep. This means that you will still hear and feel everything that is going on around you. The drilling, the pulling and the noises will all still be there. So if your goal is to calm down a little bit then the gas should work just fine. But if you can’t handle any noise or feel anything at all during your treatment, then you probably should also look into more definitive deeper sedation alternatives such as IV sedation or general anesthesia.

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Should I Use Nitrous Oxide for Dental Treatment: Pros of Using Nitrous Oxide