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Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: How to Decide

How to Decide?

There are no questions or decision making here, a traditional dental floss is the only acceptable option to clean in between your teeth. A floss-holder is only acceptable as a supplement and not a substitute to regular flossing.

Final Thought

Traditional dental floss is still king as it gives you superior cleaning between your teeth. It isn’t simply enough to snap the floss up and down in between each gap and how you floss makes a big difference in the outcome. The purpose of using dental floss is to properly remove all food and plaque particles trapped below your gumlines and in between your teeth. A traditional dental floss allows you full control to go below the gumlines, hug each tooth surface and clean them thoroughly. A floss-pick may work faster but it is also far less effective at thoroughly cleaning these gaps.

We recommend sticking with the traditional dental floss option for daily use. However we are not opposed to supplementing regular flossing routine with a floss-pick on occasions where you just need a quick cleaning and have no access or time to use dental floss dispenser. Taking a floss-pick to clean your teeth while on your lunch break at work is not a bad way to keep these areas extra clean until you have a chance to get home and floss the correct way. It may also not be a bad option when going on vacations for a short time if you prefer to do so. But we still must advise you that a floss-pick should not be a replacement for traditional dental flossing but only a supplement to it.

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Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: Pros of Traditional Dental Floss

Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: Pros of Traditional Dental Floss

1. Traditional string dental floss gives you much more control over the positioning and movement of the floss. The point of flossing your teeth is not simply snapping the string up and down between your teeth but to actually remove the food and plaque particles accumulating in between your teeth before it has a chance to harden and get stuck onto your teeth. As you improve your flossing technique, which becomes more and more important with age, you will start to realize that how you use the floss makes a difference on the outcome. Getting the dental floss below the gumlines and moving it back and forth by hugging the front and back tooth surface is much more effective than simply snapping the dental floss up and down. Using a traditional dental floss gives you much more control by using your two hands and allows you to better maneuver it. Conversely, floss-picks have a hard time going beneath your gums and an even harder time properly moving back and forth to remove all the accumulated food and plaque. As a result you get a much better cleaning when using regular dental floss over a floss-pick.

2. Less chance of transferring harmful bacteria between your teeth. One major advantage of using traditional dental floss is the ability to allocate a clean segment of the floss string to go in between each gap. When using a floss-pick you are stuck using the same half-an-inch dental floss string to clean in between all of your teeth surfaces. This can harbor and transfer bacteria from one site to the next which may have adverse effects on your teeth and gums. With a traditional dental floss you can roll the floss string around your finger after every few uses to dedicate a new segment to each region of your mouth thus reducing the possibility of cross-contamination.

3. More economical option. Using traditional dental floss will cost you much less than using a floss-pick. Considering that you have to use a new floss-pick each and every time you want to floss in between your teeth whereas a single dental floss dispenser should last you for several months.

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Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: Pros of a Floss-Pick

Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: Pros of a Floss-Pick

You may have seen people use a floss-pick to clean in between their teeth. Floss-pick, or a floss-holder, is a plastic handle shaped like an F or a Y with a little piece of dental floss in between the handles. We admit, seeing someone using them looks cool and makes it seem that flossing your teeth is much more comfortable with one. But does this convenience come at a price? Which option is the better method to clean in between your teeth a floss-pick or traditional dental floss you get from the dispenser?

Pros of Using a Floss-Pick (Floss-Holder)

1. It’s easier to use a floss-pick than traditional dental floss. Most of us tend to find the task of flossing in between all our teeth to be quite challenging and time consuming. Removing the right amount of string, wrapping it around our fingers and maneuvering it between every single tooth can be tedious day after day. Using a ready make device with its own handle and the right amount of floss string in place sounds like a great and solution to making flossing easier.

2. Easier to access the furthest positioned teeth. Many of us have a hard time flossing those pesky teeth located all the way to the back of the mouth. Many find it more convenient to use a floss-pick over a traditional dental floss to gain better access to these distally located teeth without having to stuff their fingers all the way back there.

3. A good method to quickly floss your teeth when on the go. Due to their convenient design a floss-pick is not a bad way to clean in between your teeth when you are on the go and unable to carry and use traditional dental flosses with you. Keeping a few of these at work of in your glove compartment may not be bad way to get that piece of chips stuck between your teeth out if you can’t have your dental floss dispenser on your person.

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Floss-Pick vs. Dental Floss: How to Decide