Deciding if You are a Good Candidate for Advanced Teeth Whitening

How to decide if I am a good teeth whitening candidate or not?

To determine if you are a good teeth whitening candidate answer the following questions:

  1. Do you want Hollywood white teeth?
  2. Are your teeth very sensitive to hot and especially to cold?
  3. Do you have fillings or crowns on the front teeth?
  4. Are your teeth grayish or pearl colored?
  5. Do you have permanent stains, brown or chalky colored, which are located inside the teeth?
  6. Do you have plaque and tartar covering your teeth?
  7. Has it been a long time since you had a dental cleaning?
  8. Do you have any unfinished cavities or suffer from untreated gum disease?
  9. Do you have crooked teeth? To the point that it is hard to apply the whitening gel evenly on the teeth surfaces?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then you have to address some issues before whitening your teeth. You’re not a good teeth whitening candidate until these issues have been addressed. Talk to your dentist to discuss a plan how to approach your whitening correctly. Otherwise you might end up with some unexpected surprises along the way!

If you answered “no” to all of the above questions then you are a good teeth whitening candidate. You can use whitening strips along with whitening mouthwash and toothpaste for best at-home results. Or consider going to a dentist for an in-office whitening treatment or custom bleaching trays.

Final thought on teeth whitening candidate

Make sure you are a good teeth whitening candidate before using the more advanced treatment options. Keep in mind that the initial effects of a good teeth whitening typically last for a few months. If you start to see the effects wearing off you may have to go back for a touch-up treatment. There is no guarantee as to how long the initial whitening results will last. To better maintain the whiter teeth over time try using whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes. If you want even whiter teeth then consider using either custom take-home trays or whitening strips every few months or weeks to better sustain the results. How often one you will require a touch-up ultimately comes down to how white you expect your teeth to remain over time.

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