mikey-the-baby-molarMikey jr. “the baby molar

Mikey jr. is a playful fella who likes to spend his time brushing his teeth, eating fruits and vegetables, and of course playing video games. His best toothfriend in the whole wide world is Izzy and they are pretty much inseparable.

izzy-the-baby-incisorIzzy jr. “the baby incisor

Izzy is Mikey’s good friend. She likes to spend her time flossing her teeth, drinking lots of milk and water, and playing the clarinet in her free time. She considers Mikey a decent toothpal and puts up with him whenever he is around.

marco-the-molarMarco “the somewhat grownup molar

Marco is a big strong fella on the outside but with a real sensitive and delicate toothsoul on the inside. He will break and crush any food item that comes his way, just don’t ask him to bite on ice or fork cause it may be more than he can handle!

becka-the-bicuspidBecka “the soooo mature bicuspid

Becka is the selfie-obsessed looker who lives between macro and cameron. She is very sweet and will sacrifice herself in favor of the neighborhood if it becomes too crowded so that the orthodontist can put everything back to where it belongs! She also loves frequenting the whitening salon to keep herself looking super-white and bright at all times.

cameron-the-canineCameron “the tall, dark and handsome canine

Cameron is a tall fella who love playing ball and goofing around on his free time when he’s not at work tearing food particles into little pieces. He is sharp and strong when he is younger but gets a little bit shorter as he gets older, but he never loses his spirit!

igor-the-incisorIgor “the supposed adult incisor

Igor lives in the front of toothy lane. He is obsessed with his looks and is always going to the bleaching salon to have his skin bleached. After all, with his house is in the front everyone sees it right away and he knows that the neighborhood is gossiping and talking behind his back, so he wants to make sure they have nothing bad to say about him!

mr-tomas-the-toothbrushMr. Tomas “the helpful toothbrush”

Mr. Tomas is responsible for keeping the neighborhood clean. He comes to work twice a day for only two minutes, but does such a good job cleaning the neighborhood that there’s no sign of any garbage anywhere by the time that he is done. Mr. Tomas never, ever forgets to show up to work, so you should also never forget to brush your teeth either!

mr-fredeick-the-flossMr. Frederick “the skinny floss”

Mr. Fredrick works side-by-side with Mr. Tomas the toothbrush to keep the neighborhood clean. Since Mr. Frederick is skinny so he can go to places where Mr. Tomas the  toothbrush can’t to help keep the neighborhood extra clean and sparkling white! He also comes to work every single day, even though he has a heck of a commute which includes the bus, subway and then walking for like 28 to 32 blocks, but he never misses work and you should never forget to flossing your teeth either!

donald-the-dental-implantDonald “the so fancy dental implant

Donald is a high society type of guy, very high maintenance and very expensive taste. He never, ever leaves his house without wearing his super-fancy, ultra-expensive and tailor-made titanium coat. We think it does make him look a bit funny, kind of like a screw in fact, but he doesn’t seem to care much and continues wearing it. Donald the dental implant is married to a beautiful Slovenian model and has five baby dental implant children. So adorable!

winston-the-wisdom-toothWinston “the must have him out wisdom tooth

Sadly, Winston is a bad, evil fella. He blames it on his dad not showing him enough affection growing up, but we feel like that’s just an excuse. He pretty much does nothing but cause havoc in the neighborhood. Every now and then he starts to do work in his house and causes the entire neighborhood to suffer for a whole week! Sometimes he even destroys his own house and in the process also seriously damages the neighbor’s house as well! The friendly folks in Toothy Lane keep trying to give him chance after chance, but he never seems to listen to anyone. In the end, they are forced to pay the sheriff (basically the oral surgeon, in case you are lost from our seriously immature comic stories) a large sum of money and he evicts Winston from the neighborhood for good. So relived to have him out of here!

carey-the-cavity-bugCarey “the loves teeth and candies cavity bug

Carey is a cute little fella but don’t let her little size and adorable looks fool ya! She loves eating sweets as well as eating teeth. Yes you heard us right…eating…teeth! Now that doesn’t seem to work out too well for the residents of Toothy Lane. So the only solution is to have Mr. Tomas and Mr. Frederick clean the neighborhood everyday, sometimes even a few times day, to make sure Carey doesn’t smell any sweets and decides to show up seemingly out of nowhere and destroy everything!

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