When is the Best Time for Your Childs First Dental Visit: At 2 to 3 Years

1. The dentist can take meaningful X-rays at 2 to 3 years of age to really visualize and examine your child’s teeth. If you bring your child for an exam when they are a few months old there is not much work your dentist can do for them. Most baby teeth haven’t came out yet and the mouth is too small to actually take any useful X-rays. The majority of the exam will be based on visual findings. And if you simply look carefully at their teeth you probably will be able to see any brown or black spots that may be resembling cavities yourself. It is not until they your child is a bit older at around two years or so when all the baby teeth have finally came out and the child is large enough to be able to take some useful X-rays. At this point your dentist can really see what is going on in their mouths and determine if there are cavities or any other problems.

2. Your child may now be old enough to perform some basic dental treatment if required. Again, there just isn’t a whole lot of dental treatment that can be done to a child less than a year old. Your child’s dental visit will resemble more of a consultation at this point. A cleaning and possibly some fluoride application provides minimal benefits. The majority of the visit at this age will consist of instructions on home hygiene and discussions regarding their diet and oral habits which you can research yourself if you have the patience. Very few children have any serious dental problems this early on if you are tending to their diet and oral hygiene.

  • Brush their teeth for them without using toothpaste just yet
  • Monitor their sugar intakes
  • Get them off the bottles which contain juices, milk or any type of sugar

3. Extra cost and effort. It can be overwhelming to fit in a dental cleaning during first year of your child’s life. In fact most moms feel that they are probably more deserving of a dental cleaning at this point and they are probably correct! With a full set of teeth and the risk of gum disease, you have a lot more to risk than your child does with only a handful of baby teeth barely out in their mouths!

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